Desktop and Mobile Liferay theme

This theme is finally released , based on responsive layout , and

Please donwload and rate from Liferay Community plugin.

Thanks to for free html template which is used to create this lifeay mobile plus desktop theme , its good to use one column layout.

This theme will work good on iPad and iPhone it will depends on content, dont use fixed with layout


  • Siju

    is this theme works only for iPad and iPhone?
    Its not working if I reduce my browser size.

    • wasim117

      Can you try the preview version?

      Soon another theme will be available for responsive layout thanks,

  • Raffi

    The Download link is broken. Can you upload the theme direct on your blog? Thank you.

  • Narendra

    The download link is broken , it would be great if you can guide me on how to create responsive theme in liferay, some what like home!, basically what i want to accomplish is :
    > portlet should be displayed in 3 column layout template when view port size is wide(e.g. view from Desktop)
    and when view port is small(e.g. phone) then portlet should be contained in 1 column template moreover hide or remove some portlets(e.g. portlet which displays larger image!),

    so. my question is that : if it is possible with only css or AUI ? or is there another way to do so , then how to accomplish this.