Comment and Win Promo Code for Jelastic cloud PaaS [closed]

About Jelastic

Jelastic is the next generation of Java hosting platforms which can run and scale any JAVA application with no code changes required.

Its easy to Create , Deploy , Scale and Manage

Jelastic is currently offer free sign up and hosting for beta users.

I have installed Liferay Community Edition on Jelastic.

Giveaway rules.

1. Post comments below: Why will you use cloud hosting for your JAVA application?
2. If you have articles on your blog related to Cloud hosting , Liferay on Cloud, Jelastic. Post URL in comment.
3. Two promo codes for each ( two for comment winners, two for articles )
4. This “comment and win” ends on 30th Nov. 2011 31th Dec. 2011.
5. Apply promo code and you will be able to upgrade to 4GB RAM on your jelastic hosting.

Previous Winners

Khaled Essghaier, Jignesh Vachhani, Tejas Kanani, Brad Wood,Kristof Polleunis, mdelapenya

  • Tejas Kanani

    Find some useful articles regarding Liferay on Cloud, Jelastic.

    Deploy Liferay to Jelastic Cloud

    Deploy custom war in Liferay hosted in Jelastic

  • Brad Wood

    I was messing around with Jelastic and its pretty simple.

  • Kristof Polleunis

    Because I develop in Coldfusion and I’ve seen on Jelastics blog how easy it is to setup Railo on Jelastic, that’s a big thing for Coldfusion programmers.

  • Jferna57

    I like jelastic!

    • white

      U r true. I use helastic to deploy my test envs.

      • white

        Jelastic (bad type, sorry)

  • mdelapenya

    I like Jelastic because it’s easy to deploy Java apps to the cloud. I think the control panel simplifies usual tasks. Cool!

  • Mehul_multimedia

    It’s mind blowing

  • Jignesh Vachhani

    Its Simply awesome !!!
    I have worked with jelastic for Liferay portal deployment and it like a charm :)
    Looking for more features with jelastic .

  • Khaled Essghaier

    Why will you use cloud hosting for your JAVA application???
    because there was no serious offering for the Java ecosystem for decades and even the few out there don’t really get it right and are very expensive deploying to the cloud should take away some of the pain points and i think Jelastic is filling this gap with a well thought through … so keep it UP!!

  • Uday Pec

    its nice…but telling app server not supported for the node

  • Uday Pec

    its nice but…saying node not supported for app server

  • Deepak Kannadasan

    I prefer jelastic for its simplicity in deployment

  • Grigoriy Tkachuk

    Jelastic realy cool platform to kick start new project!

  • Ajeet

    Cloud hosting for Java Applications is really required as Java is “One for All” and “All for One”. Cloud hosting solves the problem of sharing the application with more and more people. Also Jelastic provides a specialized Java Hosting Environment,as compared to other host providers, the User Interface is clutter free and it is out of the World. Never seen how easily one can add/remove a server by a mere slide of buttons. Hats off to Jelastic Team.

  • Naveed Hussain

    It is fantastic

  • Michael Astreiko

    Really great UI and easy control!
    Plan to host there several Grails projects.

  • kou jun

    I like jelastic!

  • Sumit

    good one

  • Fede Beron

    is necessary to save the mysql driver in the application?