Liferay Roundup : version control, most visited page count in liferay 6.1, mobile device detection in liferay

Liferay portal under version control.

Question on stackoverflow about version control.
Make it possible to revert the site to any of its previous states.
Make it easy to synchronize between developers so that when a dev instance is launched, it reflects the state of what’s in production (or any other instance at a particular revision)…

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Get URL of page programatically

Question on stackoverflow about version control.
The API to access pages in Liferay is the LayoutService. However, page names are not unique in Liferay and furthermore they are internationalized. So you need some unique property for a page to retrieve its url, besides its name…

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Most Visited Pages Count in Liferay 6.1

Liferay 6.1 provides Custom Fileds for Pages , set viewCount as a Custom Field and update it using a servicePreAction Hook…

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Mobile Device Recognition beyond the UI

As you probably know in version 6.1 Liferay introduced the mobile device rules feature. However if you haven’t followed the discussions and presentations about it..

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New Book : Liferay Portal 6.1

Welcome to the world of Liferay Portal! This book was written for anyone who has any part in setting up, using, or maintaining a web site built on Liferay Portal…

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