[Ended] Review and Giveaway 3 copies Bootstrap Site Blueprints ebook

About Bootstrap Site Blueprints ebook.

This book is really helpful for Web Developers, who wants hands on experience bootstrap framework, most popular UI framework in web industry. Guide also included for powerful JavaScript plugins.

“Bootstrap Site Blueprints” guides you through the process of building different types of web applications, by leveraging the power of Bootstrap 3. In the process, you’ll experience the power of customizing and recompiling Bootstrap’s LESS files and adapting Bootstrap’s JavaScript plugins, to the design of an excellent user interface. While creating these layouts, you will quickly become comfortable with customizing Bootstrap to meet the needs of your specific projects

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  • Mindless

    Just started a new BS3 project… This may help to make it better!

  • onesome

    as a webdeveloper I’ve been trying to avoid bootstrap so far… WHY? for no real reason, I’ve always felt like I had to build it myself to be proud of myself… those days are over. I now realise how important bootstrap can be for certain projects.

    • http://blog.wasimshaikh.com Wasim Shaikh

      One of the best answer !
      Yes, Bootstrap is no longer the prototype tool. Its used for production development as well.

  • Michael Porter

    Great contest! Hope to win.

    • http://blog.wasimshaikh.com Wasim Shaikh

      All the best Michael

  • Alex Sterling

    Coolness, thanks for writing this!

    • http://blog.wasimshaikh.com Wasim Shaikh

      All the best!

  • Alexander Slash

    I love Bootstrap and for sure this ebook will sharpen my skills.

    • http://blog.wasimshaikh.com Wasim Shaikh

      Thanks for entering the contest.

  • Iain Andrew

    I’m just recently discovering how powerful Bootstrap can be, this book would be a great help.

    • http://blog.wasimshaikh.com Wasim Shaikh

      Yes, Bootstrap is powerful tool if you use effectively.
      All the best.

  • andraz

    I would love to win!

  • Hector

    <3 Bootstrap

  • Krisztina

    I’d love to know more about the insides of this popular framework

  • http://www.remelehane.me/ Reme Le Hane

    Needing to learn BS, so getting this will be one way to do that easily, I hope

  • Stefano Fois

    Yo i like this!!

  • Laurentiu CriStian Danu

    Same as Andrew said, I’ve just discovered the power of Boostrap :)

  • Jon

    Have already used BS3 for a couple of smaller projects and now starting a large project. Each time I use it I learn more but would be nice to have all the info up front, particularly for my big BS project

  • Bri Suffety

    I’m a front-end developer at a startup. I use bootstraps on a daily basis across several of our applications. I love it but I know I’m not utilizing it to it’s full potential. I want to learn more and be able to share my findings with the other developers.

    • http://blog.wasimshaikh.com Wasim Shaikh

      Thanks, Keep sharing